Resume Bank

The Resume Bank
The House Republican Study Committee (RSC)has already compiled and distributed resume bank binders to Republican Freshmen of the 112th Congress. While no additional submissions will be added to the binders, we will continue to gladly accept your resume for future use.

The RSC compiles resumes as a courtesy for its Member offices. Note that the RSC is the caucus of more than 175 House conservatives. If you are not a conservative Republican and/or do not want to work for a House conservative, please do not submit your resume. Since the RSC is a legislative caucus and not a job placement service, we will not accept any mass submissions of resumes. Each individual job-seeker must submit his or her own resume. The RSC reserves the right to refuse any resume for any reason. If you have questions, please email

Thank you.

Submit a Resume
To submit a resume to be kept on file with the RSC, you MUST:

1. Include your name, email address, and position you wish to apply for

2. Include a copy of your resume in Microsoft Word or Portable Document Format (.doc, .docx, .pdf).

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