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The Obama Sequester Fear-Mongering Tour

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Washington, Feb 26, 2013 | comments

February 26, 2013

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 | View Online

 RSC Update: Spending cuts must happen, President Obama is forcing them to be in the form of a sequester

 From the Chairman

     President Obama's Sequester Fear-Mongering Tour is in full swing as the president and his cabinet secretaries barnstorm around the country trying to scare and mislead American families into thinking that it's somehow going to devastate our nation if we finally start controlling Washington spending. While the President flies thousands of miles around the country on Air Force One trying to fear-monger about the 'devastation' of a 2.4% cut in spending, he refuses to work with us in Congress (less than 2 miles away from the White House) on specific cuts in actual waste of taxpayer dollars that we have outlined. 

     The across-the-board $85 billion in sequester cuts, the brainchild of Obama’s White House, could easily be shifted to specific and targeted programs.  In fact, the House has passed legislation twice to do exactly that.  Instead of cutting wasteful Washington spending, President Obama has reverted to using our military, first responders, food inspectors, and school teachers as shields to hide his continued wasteful government spending that has mushroomed over the last four years. 

     Today, Obama’s Sequester Fear-Mongering Tour stoped in Newport News, Virginia, where the president performed yet another doom and gloom sequester kabuki dance.  President Obama needs to park Air Force One and return to his job in Washington to actually work with us to cut the waste and finally get Washington to start living within its means.

     Each day leading up to the sequester, we will highlight real-life examples of wasteful Washington spending that President Obama refuses to cut.  Instead of wasting taxpayer money flying Air Force One around the country (which costs taxpayers more than $180,000 an hour to operate, not to mention the cost of his security detail and advance team) on his Sequester Fear Mongering Tour, President Obama should agree to start cutting wasteful spending by:

  • Removing fraud in Food Stamps.  While ensuring families receive food stamps who truly need it, we can save approximately $26 billion in Food Stamp fraud by simply requiring recipients prove their eligibility.

God Bless, 

Congressman Steve Scalise
Chairman, Republican Study Committee

P.S. – Stay tuned tomorrow as we track Obama’s Sequester Fear-Mongering Tour and highlight more wasteful spending that the president refuses to cut.


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RSC Member Activity

  • Rep. Randy Forbes (VA-04) has authored a letter regarding the Department of Defense’s religious freedom regulations.  The letter and calls on DoD to enthusiastically “accommodate service members’ moral and religious convictions” and “refrain from using a service members’ beliefs as the basis for adverse personnel action.”
  • Rep. Scott Garrett (NJ-05) is building support for H.R. 104, “the Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act of 2013,” which states that it is U.S. policy: to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel, and that the U.S. Embassy in Israel should be established in Jerusalem not later than January 1, 2015.
  • Rep. Mike Kelly (PA-03) is hosting a briefing on the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty.In March 2013, the UN will meet in New York City to hold a final round of negotiations on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).  The ATT raises a number of serious concerns, including threats to our Second Amendment rights, our domestic defense manufacturing base, and our ability to defend our allies such as the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the State of Israel.
  • Rep. Michael McCaul (TX-10) is building support for H.R. 756, which improves coordination in government, providing for a strategic plan to assess the cybersecurity risk and guide the overall direction of Federal cyber R&D. 
  • Rep. Tom McClintock (CA-04) is introducing “the Full Faith and Credit Act,” which clarifies the authority and the obligation of the Secretary of the Treasury to prioritize the use of federal revenues to meet our debt service obligations. By removing the threat of default, this bill will allow Congress to prudently consider and debate proposals that ensure our nation avoids a fiscal collapse resultant from gross overspending. 
  • Rep. Steven Palazzo (MS-04) is continuing to build support for H.J. Res 28, which proposes an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to limit the power of Congress to impose a tax on a failure to purchase goods or services.  This essentially overturns the Obamacare Supreme Court decision to uphold the individual mandate and restores Americans’ right to refuse.
  • Rep. Ted Poe (TX-02) has introduced H.R. 637“The Preserving American Privacy Act of 2013,” which creates a legal framework to limit the use of unmanned aircraft systems for survgeillance activities within the United States.
  • Rep. Tom Price (GA-06) has introduced H.R. 805, which improves Medicare quality and efficiency by undoing the restructuring of the Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs) imposed in 2011 as a part of a trade reform bill.
  • Rep. Trey Radel (FL-19) is building support for H.R. 731, which authorizes the State Department to use the “Best-Value Contracting” award method in high-risk areas to ensure the safety of American men and women serving our country abroad. 

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