RSC Budget and Spending Taskforce Chairman John Campbell drops by Rep. Lynn Westmoreland's Office

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McMorris Rodgers Op-Ed: Why a Republican Senate could make a difference
September 25, 2014
Read the op-ed online here: In homes all across America, working parents struggle to pay their bills at the end of the month. College graduates move back in with their parents because student loan debts are so high. Young families juggle two jobs just to afford their rising health care premiums. These are the problems Americans face every single day, in every state across the country. As the heads of the Republican communications offices in the House and the Senate, it's our job to listen to the... More
RSC Members in the Media
Black Op-Ed: The governing party
August 13, 2014
Click here to read the op-ed online On a recent edition of Meet the Press, host David Gregory asked his guest whether Republicans have given voters a reason to vote for them in the fall. He asked whether Republicans have demonstrated that they should control both Chambers of Congress and be “a governing party.” With less than three months before voters head to the polls this is certainly an important question, and one that I believe my House Republican colleagues have answered. When it comes to ... More
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Kelly Op-Ed: Pushing Back Against Obama's War on Coal
August 3, 2014
Click here to read the op-ed online. A dozen states filed suit on Friday to stop the Environmental Protection Agency from enacting its "Clean Power Plan," new rules that will put many coal-fired power plants out of business. The filing came the same week the EPA held nation-wide public hearings about the plan—including in Pittsburgh, where thousands of coal workers turned out to register their unhappiness with the Obama administration's intentions. Coal workers are upset because the White House... More
RSC Members in the Media
McMorris Rodgers Op-Ed: The Noblest Cause Of Our Time: Saving Lives
July 28, 2014
Click here to read the op-ed online Seven years ago, just hours after giving birth to our son Cole, I learned how a single diagnosis can change your whole life. How two simple words – Down syndrome – are associated with lifelong complications and heart defects and Leukemia and even early Alzheimer’s. But in that moment, when Cole was taken away for surgery and we reeled from the lifetime of uncertainty that suddenly lay before us, I learned firsthand how scientific advancement saves lives. While... More
RSC Members in the Media
McHenry Op-Ed: Four years after Dodd-Frank fix, system still broken
July 21, 2014
Click here to read op-ed online In 2007 and 2008, the American economy suffered through its greatest crisis since the Great Depression. The Treasury Department estimates that from 2007 to 2009, the heart of the Great Recession, more than 8.8 million American jobs disappeared and more than $19 trillion in household wealth was lost. In response to the crisis, the federal government took steps to reform our financial system, most significantly, passage of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consu... More
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